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Samartharupa 2010: Pak Wedha Abdul Rasyid

6:00 AMorangizenk

This bumper i made for DKV Binus Samartharupa 2010, my College Annual award for life achievement person on Indonesian Graphic Design and Animation work. On 2010, also chosen Mr. Wedha Abdul Rasyid, Illustrator of Lupus, Ninol and most fabulous for his original masterpiece: WPAP - Wedha Pop Arts Portrait. Do you know, according to the exploration beyond the world, WPAP is not the same style to Piccaso's Cubism and it's kind of different compared to another Pop Art mainstream? So, actually, Mr Wedha contribute a fresh style to design world. A rhythm of geometrical hard and block shapes, without any round edge. Instead using greyscale tone, WPAP contains some colorful schemes to capture the depth, but still, the character can be recognized well. That's the awesome part. The bumper is our tribute to his works. I'm so proud can make it done.

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