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POsitif, PO Sabtu Media in Action and Faith, is a booklet i made weekly for PO Sabtu this period 2009-2010. Everybody is happy to hear or read stories, but it is always something warm and comfort to hear something good in this wicked world. We need something Positive. An optimistic way to see this world, to believe and to act. So, Positif will be a good name for it. None on earth such a positive news like Gospel-of-salvation-in-Christ-given-free-for-sinners-like-us, right?

Well, i admit that i do a lot of copy-paste while collecting sources such as sermons, stories, images, facts, etc. But i also thank God for each 35 books, He leads me for some inspirations so i could write down every single editorial page in POdium. I thank also for those who allows me to insert their writings into a column POsting, a column special for blog post. Thanks to Esther Hermawan (Hahaha! I "stole" a lot of your writing and it so encourage us, Sis), Meditran Revelino, Robert Halim, Eric Wijaya, Ida Ratna, Darli, Sherry, David and all of you who spent time for gave me really great source for this books. Well, you can download all of them here in PDF. Hope it can be such a blessing for you to enjoy each theme on PO Sabtu. All glory to the Lord!

PS: Please tell me which edition cover that you love the most. For me the 19th is the best. Putih dari Putih. Haha!

Download POsitif Here

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