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Little Drummer Boy

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One of my favorite Carol is "Little Drummer Boy". The lyric tells a story about a poor boy that had nothing as a gift to honour the King that just born, Jesus. So, he played his drum and sing for Him, as it is the best that he can offer. Although indeed the story is just fictional tale, (Yes, you can't find any verses in the Bible tells about the drummer boy. Hehehe!). This song captures the spirit of Christmas: giving all the best gift that we have to Jesus. Our voice, our talent, our heart, our life, or in short everything we are. Christmas is a day to celebrate that God who have first gave Himself as a present to save us from our sins.

The card is designed for Music and Art Department of PO Binus. I wrote each name and post them to their own Facebook wall. The tin design is based on one famous brand of cookie. Well, who had never take their mother cookie tin or bucket and pretend as a drummer on childhood. Don't forget the pencil or spoon or any stick that we can find. A super prescious moment for ourself, that only ourself who understand what song we played without any melody or just a simple humming. So, in this Christmas, have you offer God your best that you can give? A rhythm to invite Him as a Saviour in your heart or maybe a simple beat note of repentance? I think, HE also will smile at you, too! :)

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