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Illustration Challenge Day 1: Black & White

12:58 PMorangizenk

It's been a while since a friend tag me a "Facebook Illustration Challenge" and i don't quite remember when was the last time i post a content aside of thoughts and comic strips in this blog, so i decide to post the challenge here for the sake of boredom. The rule is you post 3 works everyday for 5 days straight and tag one of your artist-friend to do the same thing. Thank God, it's not always mean that you have to create totally 15 new illustrations in 5 days. So, this taken me back to the old folders of mine and spend some time picking some artworks — either it has a meaningful story or just random works that i proud of. While preparing for the challenge, these illustrations, at the same time kind of a beautiful reminder for me to the point where i begin. Yet, i see some worth-bragging progress and some humbling lesson to keep me down to earth.

Well, here's for the starter: Black & White
I find the clarity, the contrast and how we manage the detail of one artwork are challenging. Strokes, lines, and patterns played in only 2 color are always enough to capture emotions perfectly, just as the random doodle in back page of our old Math notebook.
The Herd of Pigs
- Pen on Paper. 2014
Taken from an intense verse: "And the demons begged him, saying, “If you cast us out, send us away into the herd of pigs.” Having lots of fun doing the details and borrowing some Balinese ornaments. Must do this type more!

Dragon Slayer
Pen on Paper. 2014
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster..."
— Nietzsche. Yes, he is Wawa from Wawa & Panpan.

Marker & Pen on paper, Digital. 2008
Bored to death while doing the ASC training. This is my submission to 2nd edition of HitamPutih, predecessor of what we known as TitikDua these days.

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