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illustration challenge day 3: Dearest People

11:39 PMUnknown

From the stick-man era, we tend to draw people, or place, or things that we love so much. Remember, when we usually draw 2 tallest figures that resembles Dad and Mom with us and our siblings inside of jaggy squares we called home. Perhaps, drawing is the simplest way to express our feeling, long before we are introduced to the wonder of the words and the magic of the melodies. Speaking of people, i find that it is always challenging for me to draw people since i'm total newb in real-life drawing. So i guess, i take the different approach to express the longing to draw people.

These are my drawing for the Day 3 FACEBOOK ILLUSTRATION CHALLENGE: Dearest People

The Cherry Blossom and The Little Swallow
Digital Painting. 2014

The Rhythm
Pen of Paper with Digital Finishing. 2011

"...But the Workers are Few"
Digital Drawing. 2011

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