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illustration challenge day 4: Covers

12:28 AMorangizenk

For today's Illustration challenge, my theme is: Covers. These are illustrations that i did for Shelter One, a local community magazine in 2005 (It's already been a decade!), a kids activity book published on 2006, and a 2009 calendar school project - It was a very nice project with the team. As the old proverb said, "Don't judge a book from it's cover" which means we really shouldn't judge something or someone from the first impression. But the fact is: covers do matter. It's inevitable part of sight-seeing in the bookstore these days; unless you have the permission from the Mbak-Mbaknya to open the plastic seal and browse all day long like you usually did. Hehe!

Pesona Dongeng Indonesia
Vector. 2009.
This project was done with my friends for school task. The cover consists of some character from Indonesian folklore with some twist. So we came with the cyborg Bawang Merah-Bawang Putih, half-droid Nawang Wulan, Malin Kundang, Sangkuriang, and so on. Super exciting project + super cool teammates + great marks. It's total worth the hard work!

Shelter One #02
Digital Finishing. 2005
So we made this magazine and order for print like 200 or 300 books. It was part of fund-raising for a youth-concert in Tarakan. I remember the excitement as a beginner by using Adobe Photoshop for coloring the scanned images. Back on those days, i spent lots of time exploring and applying effects. Though it was far from perfect, i'm quite proud for the final art work since we have this edition sold-out like in 2 weeks.

Dino ke Luar Angkasa
Digital Coloring. 2007
I've been hired as illustrator for Kevin, a multi-talented kid from Surabaya. He was finishing the story and create all the math test inside the book. This is the second book of his and it was lots of fun on doing this colorful illustrations.

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