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illustration challenge day 5: Sketch

11:53 PMorangizenk

And for the final day, for the Facebook Illustration challenge, i want to close these 5 days with the theme: Sketch, For me, it is always easier to begin something with pen or pencil on paper. While I'm also OK scratching digitally with pen tablet, i always feel the urge and special feeling to start with paper. Perhaps, it is clearer for me to begin with the bigger picture then continue on each detail. Well, i believe every artist has their own method, but if you ask me for how my work is done, the answer is always started with a simple sketch.

These are sketches for cover of Talenta Magazine. It was a very special issue!. Special printed for PO Binus 25 years anniversary. I don't know who took the picture, but look pretty nice how everyone worked together in photo session that day to create a cheerful composition for our beloved community. The idea was every generation was on the same train. We meet departed from different station but while we were on the same compartment, we enjoy our journey together as a family.

This sketch is one character guide for Garuda vs Tikus, our class team project Public Service Announcement for Anti Corruption. You can watch the short animation here. I did the charavter design and the storyboard and work with the team to finish the animation. Aside of the film was screened in Berlin Animation festival, this animation was very special because this project was supervised by Alm. Denny Djoenaid, one senior animator.

And this is a self-motivated doodle i did in a very late night some day when i nearly lose hope in doing my final assignment: Keripik Sukun Mbok Darmi. Actually i feel this doodle is kind of very personal. But i just want to share as a reminder for my self not to lose hope.

I guess that's a wrap. Actually, it's a pretty fun challenge to look back, to remember, and to see the progress of my work. I realize that there are improvements to be grateful for and the need to learn and draw even more. I don't mind to do these challenge again someday.

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